BTKsl5qCMAAoVDqBuildings made from metal and glass look pretty sleek and futuristic, but it seems that the result of such designs have led to unintended consequences over in London. According to a report from City A.M., reflections of the sunlight from the building have been so intense to the point where a Jaguar XJ that was parked nearby was reportedly damaged by it and showed signs that certain areas of the car had been melted by the intense sunlight. There were also reports of smells of melting plastic and a photo taken by the BBC revealed some pretty obvious distortions on the vehicle.

If you were thinking that this was some kind of freak accident, it wasn’t as there have been earlier reports of another van in the area that has fallen prey to the intense glare as well. City of London officials are currently investigating the matter and have since cordoned off several parking spots in the area that would fall under the glare just to be on the safe side. The building’s developers have also agreed to cover the repair costs of the damage done to the car. If you want to get an idea of how bright the glare is from the building, this Instagram photo should be able to provide you with a clearer picture.

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