gta5-new-trailerIt seems that life can get pretty difficult if you are trying to keep a high profile subject away from the spotlight. Leaks seem to be easily attainable in this day and age thanks to the plethora of devices out there which can snap photos and record videos in a discreet manner. In fact, Rockstar’s GTA 5, one of the most highly anticipated gaming titles of the year is set to be officially released next week, but apparently it has been reported that the street date has been broken, as some copies of the game has already arrived early from Amazon.

Rockstar is currently said to be “investigating” the reasons behind Grand Theft Auto 5 having arrived at the doorsteps of some customers ahead of the game’s official release. This is in direct contrast to Rockstar’s request to online retailers that copies of the game will not be dispatched until September 16th. So far, it has been reported that several customers have already picked up received copies of their GTA 5 a good four days before the game’s official street date. Rockstar did issue a statement, having mentioned that they are “in the process of investigating early ‘sales’ to determine how and why that is occurring.” With Microsoft having banned at least one Xbox 360 console for leaking images and photos of an early GTA 5 copy, the launch does not seem to be going on as smoothly as Rockstar wanted.

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