A company can’t just make a product and not market it. Regardless of how amazing the product is, companies have to have a marketing strategy, which usually includes running advertisements on a wide variety of mediums both online and offline. Marketing isn’t just limited to advertising, sales promotions, product placements in TVs and movies and various other factors are included in it as well. Big companies spend big on marketing, and according to one analyst, Samsung might lead the pack in the technology sector this year by spending up to $13 billion on marketing alone.

Analyst Benedict Evans claims that Samsung’s marketing expenditure will reach an all time high in this particular year, with the Korean giant spending a staggering $13 billion dollars. Try and wrap your head around this figure, its more than what Google paid to wholly acquire Motorola Mobility, its more than the entire market value of HTC, its nearly enough to buy BlackBerry almost three times over. It goes without saying that this is a huge marketing budget, one that can only be rivaled by Apple. Evans predicts that if Samsung is able to repeat last year’s growth, it is on track to spend $4.5 billion on marketing alone in the fourth fiscal quarter.

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