sharp-health-chair-1[CEATEC 2013] We did mention that Japan has the world’s highest number of those who are 65 or older compared to the rest of the population – and this number is growing more and more by the year, having already hit the 20% mark. Hence, it is imperative that technology moved at a pace which will make sure that the elderly are able to get up and about with their daily lives without impairing their mobility. Sharp demonstrated their Health Care Support Chair at the CEATEC booth, where sitting on it would make you feel as though you were Captain James T. Kirk, ready to send the Enterprise (or in this case, the rest of your household) into warp travel.

Remember the Med Pod 720i in the movie Prometheus? Well, Sharp’s Health Care Support Chair is nowhere near such a level of technology, but it might save you the hassle of going to the doctor for your regular medical checkup. Strapping yourself on it, you will be able to get your vitals (blood pressure, weight, body temperature, etc) read and presumably, it will be sent to your physician so that you can be informed of further action should it be required, or you could end up with a clean bill of health, too!

Three monitors are located at the top of the Health Care Support Chair so that you would be able to know just which part of your health you should look into, including your blood pressure reading and heart rate among others. Apart from that, the right side of the chair sports a blood pressure monitor, while on the left you have a device which will presumably require you to place your finger inside so that the sensor can extract other important biological information about yourself.

Once done, all the relevant information will be sent via a connected network to your regular health care provider as mentioned above. This cuts down on the need to travel out of the house, and who knows – it could also eventually be developed to such a degree where it can detect early symptoms of certain diseases in order for you to receive the necessary medical assistance within the shortest time possible.

Make no mistake about it, it is definitely bulky in nature, but I guess that is not going to be an issue with those who will pick it u p assuming it makes the jump from concept to reality. After all, I don’t think it will arrive cheap, and since that is the case, it is assumed the wealthy folks who purchase this live in a place that is more than large enough to accommodate it, and more, without cramping their pads.

Update: This is actually the Emperor 1510 chair that Sharp used.

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