emperor-1510[CEATEC 2013] No wonder it looks so familiar! Remember Sharp’s Health Care Support Chair that we talked about a couple of days ago? Well, I have just been reminded that it is something which we have talked about just as recent as in June this year, where the chair is actually the Emperor 1510. Now that we do realize the chair itself costs a whopping $5,950, I guess it would not matter too much if your home carried the chair, as surely Sharp’s very own intelligent blood pressure monitor as well as other sensors that take down the details of your vital statistics would not cost more than the Emperor 1510 chair itself.

The Emperor 1510 is actually manufactured by MWE Labs that is based in Canada, and it is nice to see the chair being able to be used in different practical applications. I guess the onus remains on the medical as well as research community to come up with something that will be able to benefit the rest of mankind, and hopefully in due time, the price of the chair itself will drop to more manageable levels Alternatively, if you want your blood pressure to remain low, live healthily, get plenty of exercise, eat the right stuff, and of course, remain joyful at all times. Then you won’t need such a fancy chair, but rather, a simple blood pressure monitor would do.

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