There’s nothing quite like owning a gadget that has its own rechargeable battery, which makes charging it much easier as all you’ll need to do is plug in its charger while sitting back and enjoying the good life. We know there are those of you who prefer to taking recharging into your own hands as rechargeable batteries are much easier to replace than your gadget that includes its own rechargeable battery. When recharging your rechargeable battery, it’s difficult to know the status of your batteries without hovering over your recharger, but a new charger keeps you informed even when you’re not directly in front of it.

The SkyRC NC2500 can be used to charge four AA and four AAA batteries at the same time, like any other charger these days, but it has some interesting bells and whistles that make it a cut above the rest. For instance, the SkyRC NC2500 allows you to optimize the charge of your rechargeable battery by first fully depleting them, but it can also be used ti just recharge your battery if you can’t wait for a fully-optimized battery.

The SkyRC NC2500 comes with a built-in LCD that can show the status of each battery, although its accompanying application allows you to connect your iPhone to it through Bluetooth so you can keep tabs on how the charge is going, as well as specify just how far you want each battery to be charged.

With all of these extra bells and whistles, we’re not surprised to see the SkyRC NC2500 costs $105, especially since it can also be used to recharge your mobile device from a set of AA or AAA batteries. This is one of those chargers that would make those who take their energy needs very serious extremely pleased.

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