Ever wanted to search for tweets about a particular day or event that happened in the past? Twitter doesn’t exactly offer a tool to do that. Its search function is tweaked to put up fresh and most recent tweets about a particular topic. One can scroll down to view all results, but if what you’re searching for happened a few years ago, that can become a titanic task. There’s a new solution though. Social analytics firm Topsy has launched a search engine for tweets. Topsy claims that it has indexed 425 billion tweets, which basically means that you’ll be able to search every single tweet posted to Twitter ever since it launched back in 2006.

Searching for tweets is quite easy. Simply enter your query and Topsy will display relevant results which can be adjusted by date, time and languages. Photos and videos can be differentiated as well.The tool will be particularly help for those who’re trying to do some research and are trying to gauge views posted on Twitter in the past, for example, one could see what people thought of the presidential race back in 2008, or one could even go back in time to find out who started a particular trend. Topsy offers the service for free.

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