Cortana's_look_in_Halo_4Microsoft has confirmed that they would be interested in developing a voice assistant feature of their own, but did state that they would only release it when they were sure it would blow the competition out of the water. However just last week we heard rumors that suggested that the feature could be well underway and has been given the codename “Cortana” which is being used internally at Microsoft. For those unfamiliar, Cortana is the name of the AI in the Halo game and is sort of appropriate.

Now it seems that a lot of people love the idea of the name Cortana as a voice assistant and some have even begun a petition asking Microsoft to use it as the actual product’s name. The petition has managed to gain over 2,000 votes and if you’d like to cast your vote as well, you can hit up the Microsoft User Voice site for the details. Of course there’s no telling if the previous rumor was true or not, but either way even if it wasn’t, at least Microsoft knows that the Cortana name is one that sits well with a lot of their users. What do you guys think?

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