We spotted an N64 mod just a few days ago that we felt would combine your love of video games and reading into one easy-to-use console, and today, we have something else that would go perfectly with your N64 Book Case mod. It’s video game book covers.

The video game book covers are custom covers that were created by JamesBit that make your not-so impressive video game library look absolutely stunning as these covers will look like books, but will secretly hold your game inside of them for when you get the urge to play some games.

The video game book covers cost $6 for a set of three customized covers that will be specified to your video games and discs. Unfortunately, that price won’t get these book covers mailed to your door, but instead, you’ll receive a PDF which you’ll need to print out yourself. If you have a rather large library, JamesBit will cut the price to $1.49 each, saving you $.50 for each cover, which we’re sure you’ll put your savings right back into your video game addiction. Then, the more games you buy, the more book covers you’ll need, which will then become a vicious circle that will leave you completely replacing any and every game you get with these covers.

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