HTC 8X Review

I love how light the phone feels

While HTC 8X owners around the world are receiving their Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update, those living in Australia under Vodafone have not received the update, and it looks like they won’t be receiving it anytime soon. This definitely sounds like bad news for Australian HTC 8X owners, but the up side is that while they will not be receiving the GDR2 update, they will instead be getting the GDR3 update. This is according to Vodafone Australia who released a statement claiming that instead of getting the GDR2 update, they will instead be upgrade straight to GDR3.

Unfortunately there is no word on when the GDR3 update will be released, so there’s no telling when Vodafone HTC 8X owners will receive it. It has been speculated that the GDR3 update will debut with the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1520 which could be unveiled at a New York event in the near future, but even then there’s no telling when Vodafone and HTC will get around to rolling it out to customers. In any case what do you guys think? Would you prefer getting updates incrementally, or would you prefer a massive update in one go?

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