htc-8x-review--01The HTC 8X was launched in 2012 and was one of HTC’s efforts in creating a Windows Phone-powered handset. Safe to say that the handsets didn’t exactly catch on because since then, HTC has been rather mum with regards to their Windows Phone devices, and now we have some bad news to share.

When asked by users if the HTC 8X could see an update to the latest Windows build for mobile devices, Windows 10 Mobile, the HTC UK Twitter account replied in the negative. According to the rep who responded to the question, “There are no further updates planned for the HTC Windows phone 8X currently.”

Note that they said “currently” meaning that things could change in the future, but the reality is that you probably shouldn’t be holding your breath. Given that the HTC 8X is an old device that’s about 4 years old, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that it will be passed over for the Windows 10 Mobile update.

If you are still holding onto it, perhaps you should consider getting yourself a new handset, like the Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL, both of which pack the latest hardware and the latest Windows 10 Mobile operating system as we doubt that HTC will be changing their minds anytime soon with regards to supporting the HTC 8X.

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