htc-8x-updateIs it me or is there something that is not so right with the HTC 8X from Verizon Wireless? I am quite sure other owners of this Windows Phone powered smartphone would also resonate in a similar manner, after waiting so long for the Windows Phone 8.1 update to roll out for it, it has just been revealed that the seemingly elusive update is in for another round of delays. So much for the handset getting its Windows Phone 8.1 update some time in October – that month has come and gone, and we are about to enter our second week of November already.

Apart from that, it is rather disheartening to hear that HTC has not yet revealed to the masses as to why this particular update has received yet another delay, and neither do we have an idea of a new estimated release date, leaving HTC 8X users in the lurch once again. I know that the smartphone can be considered to be an aged model in this day and age, and if there is not going to be any more support for it in terms of its software, why not be forthcoming so that everyone else can move on (to other platforms, perhaps)?

If you are an HTC 8X owner waiting patiently for the HTC 8X update, do you think that you would want to make a switch to other operating systems, or jump aboard the Lumia bandwagon instead in your next smartphone purchase?

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