Background photos can be pulled from Facebook

Background photos can be pulled from Facebook


Just the other day it was reported that the AT&T HTC 8X received the Windows Phone GDR3 update, along with its international variant, as well as the HTC 8XT from Sprint. While the Windows Phone GDR3 update does bring about a host of new features and improvements, here’s one that we’re not sure if Windows Phone users might have missed. It seems that with the GDR3 update, HTC 8X and HTC 8XT users will now be able to power off their devices while allowing their phone to charge. This is not a new feature as other manufacturers have allowed it, but interestingly enough this was something that was not available for HTC 8X/8XT owners prior to the update.

We’re not sure if this is a Windows Phone thing or it’s only applicable to HTC devices, but for those who would prefer to power down their device completely while letting it charge, or perhaps wanting a little peace and quiet and disconnect from the real world while their phones charge, then this update is for you. It is unclear if other Windows Phone manufacturers such as Nokia and Samsung will gain this feature too, but what do you guys think? Are you the type that prefers to completely power off their phone while it charges? Presumably with the radios off your phone should charge a little bit faster, right?

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