image88When it comes to smartphone operating systems, it really boils down to personal preference, and of course usability also is taken into account. For the more tech savvy user, figuring out how to navigate a new operating system is not too difficult, but for the layman who might not be as tech savvy, this could pose a problem and in a survey conducted by Pfeiffer Consulting, it was found that in terms of usability, Windows Phone 8 scored the lowest, with iOS 7 taking the number one spot which is surprising given that the redesign with the new colors and icons might have been a little jarring for existing users.

In any case according to their report, “The truth is that under the slick veneer of swivelling tiles is an operating system that is challenging to use. One can feel trapped in the rigid user interface that leaves no room for customization, and user interface in general is not conceived to deal efficiently with the dozens and dozens of apps smartphone users want.” What do you guys think? Do you agree with Pfeiffer Consulting’s findings of the Windows Phone 8 operating system? Interestingly enough their study has found Samsung’s version of Android to be the third most usable, strange given that a lot of people dislike the TouchWiz UI to begin with.

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