Youtube-Logo-640x384YouTube is one site that commands the attention of millions of eyeballs every single day, whether it is on the desktop or on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Well, here we are with word that YouTube’’s Android app might be getting offline viewing capability when November rolls around later this year. It is nice to see a company help an app progress from where it is at that particular point in time. Remember how last summer, Google introduced to the mobile YouTube app an ability to view pre-cached videos as long as there is an online connection?

This particular feature that is making its way to YouTube’s mobile apps might even allow you to store videos for disconnected viewing for a “short time” only, and when it comes to such a description, it remains to be seen whether that will comprise of minutes, hours or days. Still, it is worth a shot and it would definitely go some way in seeing an increase of users for the mobile YouTube app, that I am pretty confident of. All we need to do now is sit tight and wait for an official response later this November to get the entire skinny on the situation.

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