If you’re not planning on picking up Jony Ive’s specially designed Mac Pro in a Product RED finish at auction, you could potentially save yourself anywhere between $40,000-$60,000. Apple did reveal that the basic Mac Pro model would cost $3,000 which is admittedly a pretty hefty sum, with PC enthusiasts arguing you could get something similar, if not better, for that price (or less). But what if you were an Apple fan and the Mac Pro meets your needs and you wanted to deck it out? How much would that cost you? Well the folks at Unbox Therapy decided to find out and the final amount is an eye-watering $14,000, and if you were to load it up with multiple displays that would take advantage of the 4K video output, you’d be looking at around $25,000.

These numbers are based on components that one could get from the web and have their prices based on street prices. In any case if you’d like to see the breakdown on how and why a fully configured and upgraded Mac Pro would cost so much, check out Unbox Therapy’s video above for the details. In the meantime for those planning on picking up a regular Mac Pro without all the bells and whistles, Apple has set a release date for their upcoming desktop computer sometime in December.

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