adidas-micoach-watchIt does seem as though everyone is about to make the jump to the smartwatch bandwagon, and even earlier this morning, we sniffed out word that Nokia could very well roll out a smartwatch of their own. Adidas too, has jumped aboard the smartwatch bandwagon with the miCoach Smart Run, a timepiece that comes with a color touchscreen display as well as an integrated heart rate monitor.

Just what is the Adidas miCoach Smart Run able to do? For starters, it will be able to track your jogging route with the help of GPS mapping, while offering coaching tips in real-time, in addition to storing as well as playing your choice of workout music using Bluetooth connectivity. Of course, you are still unable to make calls or be on the receiving end of incoming messages, but it is still the next big step that Adidas has taken into the world of consumer electronics, where it will compete with other similar devices that has already entered the fray, including the Sony Smartwatch 2 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Will the miCoach Smart Run be able to be a success? Perhaps, but as usual, we will let time and market forces decide.

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