apple-magnet-patentPatents can be said to be the new “currency” that companies hold in terms of bargaining power, and Apple as a company certainly owns their fair share of patents. In a recently spotted patent application by Cupertino, it seemed that they are working on a new mechanism that would do away with the need for a SIM ejector tool. Assuming that were to be implemented on a mass scale, that would also result in a revamp of its internal hardware, which would potentially enable iPhones of the future to come in even slimmer form factors. Will we see a flexible display in next generation iPhones just like how the Samsung Galaxy Round made quite an impression at its announcement? Who can tell, really?

The United States Patent and Trademark office published an Apple patent application yesterday, where this application encompassed a range of Apple’s special SIM card tray design. The application would cover “Systems and methods for ejecting removable modules from electronic devices”, which means next generation devices would be able to retain and eject the SIM tray through magnetic means instead of a mechanical solution. We certainly cannot wait to see what the future holds, how about you? It would be interesting to see if Apple would license out this patent to other companies as well.

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