BlackBerry has until the first week of November to try and find another buyer before Fairfax Financial Holdings comes back with its final offer. Both parties have currently signed a letter of intent, which puts the buyout bid at $4.7 billion. There have been rumors of a number of other companies looking at BlackBerry’s books, companies such as Lenovo, Intel, Google and more, but no other bids have been received as yet. The Wall Street Journal reports today that BlackBerry executives flew to California to meet with Facebook, in an effort to secure a potential bid from the world’s largest social network.

It is not entirely clear if Facebook is interested in buying out BlackBerry, spokesmen for both companies have declined to comment on this report. Facebook has long been rumored to be interested in making a “Facebook Phone,” it even reportedly tried to reach some sort of an arrangement with Samsung, but nothing of this sort has materialized as yet. Could Facebook finally jump into the hardware game by acquiring the ailing Canadian manufacturer? Its too soon to say right now, though it doesn’t come as a surprise to see BlackBerry try and find new potential suitors, as analysts fear Fairfax might come back with a reduced bid if it sees that its the only buyer BlackBerry has.

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