WoWlogoWhen it comes to gaming, there are some games where farming, or grinding, is absolutely essential to either get to the next level, or to get items. Unfortunately this is both physically and mentally exhausting which is why some gamers have turned to using bots to do it for them while they sleep. Unfortunately this is illegal as far as most games are concerned, and Blizzard has in the past gone after bot makers and gamers for using bots in their games. While there are still plenty of bots out there and with new ones being made, at the very least Blizzard has managed to successfully shut down another bot company.

The developer has recently won a legal case against one of the World of Warcraft bot makers, Ceiling Fan Software, who are now facing a judgement of $7 million and will also see the immediate deactivation of all licenses as well as being forbidden to open-source their software. Essentially Blizzard is shutting their bot down for good. Like we said Ceiling Fan Software is one of many bot developers out there and while Blizzard might not be able to go after every single one of them, perhaps future bot makers will decide that the legal consequences of getting caught is simply not worth it and stop development.

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