cyanogenmodFor the novice Android user, the idea of rooting your phone and flashing ROMs can be a scary thing, especially since there are horror stories of how brand new devices end up being plastic bricks because of a wrong move. The good news is that popular Android ROM, CyanogenMod, will be making life easier for the beginner user, but at the same time have something for more advanced users thanks to the upcoming release of both a Community Edition and Pro Edition version of the ROM.

Interestingly despite the “Pro” name, the Pro Edition version of CyanogenMod will be designed for the beginner in mind, meaning that those without experience in rooting or flashing their Android devices will be able to install this ROM with a CyanogenMod installer. Root of your phone will be turned off by default but can be enabled easily, and will have a simplified and automatic updater that will make life easier for the novice Android user. It has also been designed for security in mind, so for Android users a little worried about installing custom ROMs and whatnot, hopefully this will assuage your fears.

The Community Edition of CyanogenMod will essentially be the same version of CM that is currently installed on Android phones, if you have the ROM installed, of course. It has been designed for hackability and will have root enabled by default. Both the Community and Pro editions of CM were announced during the Big Android BBQ 2013, but if you’d like to learn more about either versions, hit up CyanogenMod’s website for the details.

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