mind-reading-darpaSure, there are no mutants among us in the likes of the X-Men, so to find a telepath as powerful as Professor Xavier would be nigh impossible. However, this does not mean that technology cannot come in to assist us humans in our quest to be better than who we are at the moment. The Department of Defense might be looking into a highly affordable mind reading headset, where it will be able to feed EEG data from its wearer directly to a smartphone app.


The EEG readings that are collected will be the basis for a range of consumer products, enabling users to control objects with their minds. For example, Thinker Thing would allow its user to imagine followed by printing creatures out in 3D directly from their imagination. While it is not exactly a military application for such technology, we could more or less imagine that it would be headed in a somewhat similar direction sometime down the road. What do you think of an affordable mind reading headset?

I am quite sure that privacy advocates would not be too happy that there is such technology lying around, but the real advancement would come in the form of a headset that can read the minds of others around you. Now that’s real progress. [Press Release]

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