You might want to take notice of the name Charalampos Ioannou from now on, as he is one smart teen who decided to work on an exoskeleton glove after seeing his grandmother’s hand being unable to hold a remote control within. Well, we are glad to say that his hard work as well as genius has paid off, as Charalampos Ioannou’s exoskeleton glove has managed to make its way to one of the 15 coveted spots at the international Google Science Fair competition.

Just how does this exoskeleton glove work? Well, it happens to be a metallic prosthetic glove which is capable of fitting over the hand, where it will then help support the movement of the aforementioned hand. Targeting those who happen to experience upper-hand disabilities, as well as others who are no longer able to fully grasp or hold things, this unique glove can be controlled by the kinetic stimulus of the user. In plain English, it works like a natural hand, being able to tell the difference in the amount of strength required when it comes to various activities. For instance, picking up an egg would mean applying very little pressure, while opening a stubborn pickle jar would require a whole lot more mechanical exertion.

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