radioshack-downsizeAs some of you guys might have heard, RadioShack is filing for bankruptcy and looking to sell themselves off. Some might think this isn’t a big deal and that you’ll just go to another store for your electronic needs, but here’s the thing, if you have ever left your personal information with RadioShack such as your email address, home address, phone number, or more, there is a chance that your personal information could end up being sold along with the company.

This is according to a report from Bloomberg that revealed that Standard General has won the auction to RadioShack and that included in the sale of the company was access to the personal data of customers. As it stands it seems that there are as many as 13 million email addresses and 65 million customer names and physical addresses stored on file.

Now before you start to panic about your privacy and personal information making its way into the hands of another company, it has been suggested that there is a chance that the bankruptcy courts might not necessarily approve the deals as there have already been two legal filings in an attempt to block the sale of customer data.

One of those filings was made by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who stated that not only is the sale a violation of Texas state laws, but that RadioShack had previously put up a sign that promised that customer data would not be sold. AT&T is also challenging the sale claiming that because the carrier has worked with RadioShack to help sell phones that AT&T’s customers might be part of the company’s list of personal data.

AT&T states that they want the records destroyed which isn’t surprising when you consider that Sprint has announced plans to open mini-stores within RadioShack’s stores itself.

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