radioshack-downsizeAs you might have heard, RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy and are trying to sell off their assets. However it seems that part of the assets that they plan on selling off include customer data which is something many customers aren’t too happy about. It also seems that companies aren’t too pleased about it too.

This is why Apple is joining AT&T and other companies in a bid to try and stop RadioShack from selling off their customer data to third-parties, such as marketing companies who might have use for said data. In a bid to liquidate their assets, RadioShack had originally included customer data in their first round of bankruptcy filing, but that was withdrawn.

Now it seems that RadioShack is asking the courts to authorize a second round of filing and this time they want customer data to be included in it. Given how long RadioShack has been around and how many customers they’ve served over the years, essentially this is a treasure trove of information that they are sitting on, 117 million customers to be more specific.

Apple is claiming that customer data belonging to Apple cannot be part of the sale which is pretty much what AT&T is claiming too, which is why they have filed a motion to block it. Will they be successful? That remains to be seen, but for Apple users we suppose you should take comfort in the fact that the Cupertino company is fighting for your privacy.

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