fujitsu-akisai[CEATEC 2013] Farming technology has definitely come a long way from the days when man just scattered seeds across ploughed land, waiting and hoping that everything else would go in their favor in order to enjoy a bountiful harvest a few months from now. Well, Fujitsu has come up with the Fujitsu Akisai food and agriculture cloud, where it will rely on information technology to help enhance food and agricultural capabilities.

The Fujitsu Akisai Farms will comprise of both open-air farming and greenhouse horticulture, where the Akisai cloud is capable of supporting every phase of the farming process, ranging from production to management and sales. It is hoped that this will be able to see a movement toward a new enterprise management style that will introduce improvements to agriculture and food markets, and with shortage of food in poor and underdeveloped countries a major issue, this should deliver a plentiful future for food so that folks will always have access to safe, secure, and delicious food products.

From January 2014 onward, Fujitsu will introduce their Fujitsu Akisai food and agriculture cloud in order to grow low potassium and pesticide-free lettuce. This will be greatly beneficial to those who have liver disease, since they need to avoid too much intake of potassium in their diet. It goes without saying that this technology can eventually be translated to other agricultural products for a greater and healthier yield.

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