fujitsu-waterproof-tabletEarlier this morning, we did manage to get a closer look at a couple of Ultrabooks from Japanese manufacturer, Fujitsu, and this time around, here we are with a tablet – the Fujitsu QH77/M. The Fujitsu QH77/M will be a tablet with a twist – where it will arrive with waterproof capability, now how about that? Even more interesting is the fact that the Fujitsu QH77/M tablet will arrive with an extractor fan that will still be able to work when it is underwater.


Measuring 12.5” in size, it will be powered by Intel’s 1.6GHz Core i5-4200U processor which more or less has built up a reputation of its own for requiring a fair degree of cooling to a certain extent most of the time. Needless to say, you can forget about dropping the Fujitsu QH77/M into your bathtub and hope for the extractor fan to move fast enough to propel it under the water’s surface, as the tablet itself is simply too heavy for the extractor fan to generate enough torque so that it will chug along nicely. Even if it could, what would be next? Perhaps the inclusion of a built-in periscope, don’t you think so? Even then, pricing details of the Fujitsu QH77/M remains to be known.

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