cyanogenmod-masterkeyWhile Android OEMs try to introduce new features and whatnot with their own modified versions of Android, for the most part they end up pretty laggy and are usually features that most users would be happy to do away with, hence the demand for custom ROMs like CyanogenMod that bring features to Android smartphones that the creators feel are more useful for Android users. In any case if you’re the sort of person who likes to create tutorial videos or do app reviews and whatnot, you might be interested to learn that future CyanogenMod ROMs will include a screen recording feature.


For those unfamiliar, screen recording is basically like an extended screenshot whereby the actions of the user will be recorded in video format which is great for creating tutorial videos, walkthroughs, and etc. Apart from such uses, the screen recording feature can also be used to detail bugs on the phone that will help make it more understandable to developers as well. The feature can be toggled by the volume up + power button key combinations, but it will only be available in future nightlies of the ROM. We’re not sure if Google will eventually include such a feature in future versions of Android, but for users of CyanogenMod, this will be a feature you guys can look forward to.

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