google-glass-exploitHaving a pair of Google Glass sitting right there in front of one’s eyes is definitely “cool”, as fashion and technology come together to ensure that life is a whole lot more convenient and easy. In fact, while Google Glass might be highly desirable, the extent of its working capabilities remain largely untapped since there isn’t a mature enough market right now. Well, we are pleased to say that Google Glass has just started to get a whole lot more useful, since you can now wear one in order to look up public transit directions. Nifty, don’t you think so?

This new functionality was announced by Google, where they claim that one is able to access public transit directions through the simple act of saying, “Okay, Glass, get directions to”, and it will get to work right away, opening up the directions “app.” The default setting would be to make use of the directions type which was last used. Take for instance, if you previously made a search for directions by car, it will then offer the new directions to the spoken intended destination with the assumption that you will be driving this time around as well. Right now, Google does have public transit data for cities on almost all continents, with nearly every major European and North American cities falling under such purview.

Sounds like a killer app for those who are always traveling abroad, no?

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