If you’ve played as much Grand Theft Auto as we have, then you’re probably very familiar with the game’s mini-map that is prominently displayed at various corners of the screen, depending on which game you’re playing. The mini-map plays an important role in Grand Theft Auto as it helps guide players to their destination as well as informing them the location of enemies and police officers, but what if there was a way for the mini-map to be implemented onto Google Glass? It looks like an Android developer has done just that.

Android developer Mike DiGiovanni has created a hack for Google Glass that allows Grand Theft Auto’s iconic mini-map to be used as a GPS in real time. The GPS that’s used in this hack looks to be from an older version of Grand Theft Auto, GTA 3 to be exact. The way it works is there needs to be a copy of Grand Theft Auto 3 running on a computer, with the PC using an app to capture the portion of the screen the game’s on-screen GPS is located. That portion of the screen is then transferred over to Google Glass through a “plan old Android SDK” since Google has yet to release an official, native Glass SDK.

The GPS, of course, isn’t used as a real GPS based on your actual current location. Instead, it’s simply a way to interact with Grand Theft Auto 3’s GPS without having to look at the bottom portion of your screen.

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