google-glass-sunglasses-percival7There’s nothing wrong with the design of Google Glass, although we guess there are some who might prefer if it looked more “normal”, as it if it managed to blend with current eye-wear as opposed to looking like something out of a sci-fi movie. While the next version of Google Glass remains to be seen, Sean Percival decided that instead of waiting for Google to do something about it, he would take it upon himself to redesign Google Glass to look cooler. What he did was that he took apart Google Glass before attaching the key components to a pair of sunglasses, which in his case was a pair of Persols.

The Google Glass component was attached to the glasses via a black cable tie, which while not the neatest solution, helped it blend it with the frames, so for those of you planning to go with patterned frames, you might have a tougher time trying to get it to blend. All in all attaching Google Glass to his Persol pair of sunglasses was not too difficult and according to Percival, he noticed a drop in people staring at him as he was out. In any case while this does help cut down on the weird/curious looks that people give you, there are establishments out there that have made it illegal to wear Google Glass, so this is worth taking note of.

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