killzone-10hoursI know that for some of us, we prefer short games that do not take up too much of our time. After all, time is precious, and there is a very limited amount of it each day that we can spend on gaming when you take the bigger issues of life into consideration – for most of us, that is. Well, gamers who love long and epic games will definitely be able to appreciate the likes of Killzone: Shadow Fall Campaign, where it is said to take more than 10 hours in order to complete the PS4 launch title’s single-player mode.

This bit of information has been confirmed by game director Steven ter Heide has confirmed, where in a new Q&A, Heide wrote, “Killzone Shadow Fall’s campaign should last well over 10 hours for most gamers.” Of course, we would assume that this is just the average figure that he is referring to, so there will always be that prodigy of a gamer who would be able to go through the entire single player campaign in under 10 hours. Regardless, even that would be considered as a respectable amount of time for a FPS campaign. Do you like your games to be lengthy? I would suggest RPGs then, as that genre tends to offer the best bang for your buck in terms of gameplay length-per-dollar ratio. [Press Release]

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