kinect 2 cameraMicrosoft’s new Kinect sensor that will launch with the Xbox One is certainly a powerful tool, with the ability to detect a multitude of things such as age, gender, and etc. through body recognition, but with great power comes great responsibility, right? If you were worried that Microsoft would eventually use the Kinect to start bringing targeted ads in your living room, you can rest assured that won’t be happening, at least not anytime soon, according to Albert Penello who is Microsoft’s Direct of Product Planning at Xbox. According to Penello, he states that there is no one working on such a thing and he is not aware that such a thing being even actively discussed in the first place.


Secondly Penello stated that if targeted ads were to become a reality, you can be assured that the user will have some form of control over it, ending with, “But preventing Kinect from being used inappropriately is something the team takes very seriously.” Those are some legitimate concerns and we’re glad that Microsoft has taken the time to address them, so Xbox One gamers can rest assured, at least for the foreseeable future, but what do you guys think? Will Microsoft eventually introduce targeted ads?

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