surface-sales-doubleEarlier this year in July, we saw how Microsoft reduced the price of its Surface RT tablet (which is now simply known as Surface) by a whopping $150 in an effort to boost its flagging sales figures. That plans must have worked, or the statistics could have been massaged, but Microsoft was proud to announce that in the for the third quarter of 2013 (which happens to be July to September) sales of Surface tablets have actually more than doubled in comparison to the second quarter of this year.


According to Microsoft’s chief financial officer Amy Hood, that particular statement was made as part of the company’s quarterly financial conference call with analysts earlier this morning. Microsoft did make an announcement earlier on that revenues from the Surface device family amounted to some $400 million for the quarter, which is quite a large jump when you compare it to the $853 million in revenue that occurred from the tablet’s launch in late October 2012 all the way to the end of June 2013. Of course, we still do not know just how many Surface tablets were sold during the third quarter, so exact figures would always be better to give us a more accurate picture of the situation.

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