mitsubishi-interconnect[CEATEC 2013] I do admit, nobody in this day and age would miss those good old days when you had to actually own a landline in order to connect to the Internet via an Internet Service Provider. Remember the username and password that were required before dialing it? Your ears subsequently met with a shrill shriek of the modem, and if you had a 56k modem then, it was the bomb, while your mates surfed to a 14.4k or 28.8k modem. Ask any kid today whether they would want to experience the Internet as it was back then, and they will most probably look at you and wonder, just how the heck did you survive in those days?

Mitsubishi is certainly a company that has the future in mind, where at CEATEC this year, they decided to show off a 100 gigabit/second (Gbps) inter-city optical interconnect solution. This sounds like a dream for many people, and even better is the fact that this unique optical network interconnect has an amazing range. Just how far is its reach? You might want to sit down before the shock floors you, as Mitsubishi proudly claims that their 100Gbps optical network interconnect has a massive range of up to 9,000 kilometers. That’s just insane!

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