Things haven’t been going well for BlackBerry, that’s certainly no secret. The company has lost a major chunk of its user base both in the established as well as emerging markets. It has recently taken a nearly $1 billion hit as an operating loss largely due to inventory write down of unsold BlackBerry Z10s. The company’s share price is a fraction of where it used to be only a couple of years back. Still, it has proven itself to be one of the major players in the area of secure mobile communications. NATO has approved BlackBerry 10 smartphones up to the level of “Restricted” communications.

Enterprise and government customers have without a doubt remained a large part of BlackBerry’s user base over the years. However its been facing strong competition on that front as well by other devices, such as those developed by Apple and Samsung.What this particular NATO approval entails is that BlackBerry will now be able to sell BB10 devices to agencies in 28 member countries which have been allowed to use them in the field or in the office. This is definitely a piece of good news regarding BlackBerry to come out in recent weeks, as the company has more or less been caught up in a web of bad press primarily due to its own troubles.

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