samsung-logoWe’re not sure why,but it seems that China in particular seems to have been affected badly when it comes to malfunctioning smartphones and the services when it comes to dealing with them. For example Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has in the past apologised to Chinese consumers for the way they dealt with repair and warranty enquiries for their iPhone, and now it looks like Samsung will be issuing their own apology as well. In a statement released on their website, Samsung was quoted as saying, “We welcome the scrutiny by the media. As a result of management problems, we have brought inconveniences to consumers, and we offer our sincere apologies.”

The phones in question are the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2, both of which have apparently been rather problematic for customers in China, with reports that both devices crash up to 30 times a day! Crashing once or twice on a daily basis is already unacceptable so we can only imagine the frustration that these users are having when it crashes 30 times. In any case the South Korea tech giant has announced that they will be offering affected customers repair for either device free of charge, and will refund those who have already paid for repairs, and worst case scenario, will offer a full replacement for devices that are still having issues after multiple repairs.

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