galaxy-mini-noteSometimes, it pays to look out for tiny small details in life, as it is more often than not these little details which have been overlooked that have proven to be the downfall for many. On a far more positive note, sniffing out little details will also allow one to come to some pre-conceived conclusions based on existing information, such as the latest snippets from Zauba. Zauba happens to be a website which will keep track of imports as well as exports to and from India, where according to the site, there has been a shipment from Delhi Air Cargo that sported a pair of mobile devices, and these featured the model number SM-P601.

It might sound close to the SM-N601 that we talked about sometime at the end of last month, where that was speculated to be a Galaxy Tab 10” successor. This particular information gleaned from such a document this time around seemed to point to a smaller version of an existing model, which would mean speculation abounds as to whether it is a new Galaxy Note Mini tablet or not. After all, do you think that any device with a 5.25” display can be deemed as “Mini”? I suppose when the “parent” device comes with a 10” display, that would be justified.

Hopefully, additional light on the SM-P601 will be shed in due time, and we simply cannot wait for that to happen.

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