sharp-smart-sweet-home[CEATEC 2013] It goes without saying that companies definitely want to make sure that when you purchase a particular home appliance from them, they would also hope for you to take a glance at the other consumer electronics that are on offer from them, wishing that you stick to their very own eco-system. This makes plenty of sense, so engineers for each company would do their possible best to create an “eco-system” of devices that can interact with one another, and Sharp is no different from such a line of thought, too. In fact, CEATEC 2013 saw Sharp promote their Smart/Sweet Home zone with a theoretical “smart house” setup.

In this particular zone, Sharp introduced a variety of products include solar solutions, storage batteries, and HEMS (home energy management system) technology. Not only that, Sharp intends to offer a new relationship between people and home appliances, and as we all know, home appliances do not talk back, although some might actually swear that they suffer from mood swings instead. This “smart home” idea will be based on links between various products that come equipped with COCORO-Engine technology, such as COCOROBO robotic appliances, and hopefully this would make the lives of homemakers more relaxed.

For instance, there is also a cooking range that will be able to offer you a sense of gratitude, where it will be able to say, “Thank you for always using me with care.” Pretty cute, don’t you think so?

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