Samsung-galaxy-note-3-14If you’re planning on picking up the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for yourself, it seems that there have been a recent bout of complaints about the device, of which a proper resolution to the problem has yet to be discovered. According to some of the reports, some Galaxy Note 3 units are experiencing boot loops and based on the discussions about the issue, there should be no reason why the device is even experiencing such a problem. The issue occurs after the device randomly restarts on its own, after which it will see itself stuck in a boot loop that can only be stopped when the battery is manually pulled from the device.

For some users complaining of the problem, this occurred after installing a newer version of the software on their handset, and then installing their apps from the Google Play store. For others the reboot is done intentionally, but it is noted that if the reboot is done in flight mode, the boot loop does not occur. Presumably this is a software issue that can be addressed with a software update, but for now Samsung has yet to comment on the problem, but hopefully as this issue gets more coverage, Samsung will address it soon. In the meantime any of our readers experience this boot looping problem with their Galaxy Note 3?

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