sony-social-eye[CEATEC 2013] The world has gotten a whole lot more social these days, what with social networks such as Facebook and services like Twitter which allow the dissemination of information in a viral and speedy manner without having to wait for obstacles such as press time or the TV program time. Sony knows this, and they want to leverage on the momentum of social media with the introduction of their Sony Info Eye service, where it is capable of snapping a photo (preferably using a Sony device, of course), before making an analysis of that captured photo to deliver various types of information.

Take the Eiffel Tower for instance – snap a memento of it, and you will be on the receiving end of various “views”, where the first might show off related photos to the iconic building, whether from the top or the bottom, while a different view would depict the Parisian map. Changing views to the next one might show what your friends are saying about the Eiffel Tower, so on and so forth.

Will it be able to catch on? Perhaps, and considering how nearly everyone has something to say about everything, it could very well turn into a popular way of sharing stuff and being interactive about it. The thing is, if folks remain reserved and do not want to take part in this “experiment”, you might not get all that many different views to begin with.

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