Microsoft released two new tablets yesterday, the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 across 21 countries including the U.S., and as you’d expect with a big product launch as this, the folks at iFixit have gotten their hands on the Surface Pro 2 to completely dismantle and see what its sweet, sweet innards contain.

The iFixit team completely took apart the Surface Pro 2 and found Microsoft didn’t change much in terms of the device’s mechanics for the improved tablet. This means if you ever need to get it repaired, you’re going to have a bad time. Some examples of what makes the Surface Pro 2 difficult to repair involve the tablet’s LCD and digitizer being fused together, making replacing one and not the other impossible. iFixit found it’s held together with over 90 screws, and its battery and display are firmly glued in, making replacing either of them rather difficult.

On iFixit’s repairability scale, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 receives a 1 out of 10, which in case you weren’t aware, is an extremely low score. In other words, if you pick up a Surface Pro 2, you better treat that thing like gold as you’re going to have quite the headache if you decide you want to repair it or have someone else attempt to.

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