surface-pro-2-hands-on-7In a few days’ time, Microsoft is expected to announce a new Surface tablet, or tablets, if you believe that a Surface Pro 3 could be launched alongside the rumored Surface mini. While that’s great news to those who are looking forward to either tablet, it seems that Microsoft has yet to fix some issues on the Surface Pro 2 that users have been complaining about for months.

This issue is related to WiFi connectivity on the tablet. For those who aren’t familiar with this particular problem, basically Surface Pro 2 owners have complained that their WiFi on their tablets slows down whenever they enable Bluetooth on their device. Microsoft acknowledged this issue back in April where they released a statement.

The statement read, “A limited number of Surface Pro 2 customers may be experiencing interrupted connectivity with Bluetooth peripherals. We are looking into the situation and working on a resolution.” However fast forward to today, the issue still persists and customers are still complaining about it.

“I am still experiencing this issue on my Surface Pro 2.  Very slow speeds, regularly connects/disconnects.  I don’t even need to have my Bluetooth mouse connected, just the Bluetooth on the surface on.  I hope Microsoft does something soon.” What do you guys think? Will Microsoft be able to release an update for the Surface Pro 2 before they release their new tablets?

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