NFLSurfaceleadIn the past, NFL teams used to rely on printed materials and photographs to help discuss strategy, look at formations, and so on. However it seems that the practice could be on its way out, thanks to an effort by the NFL and Microsoft. The latter will be providing the NFL with a bunch of Surface Pro 2 tablets for use on the field.

The tablets can be used by NFL teams to watch videos and view photos from the game instantly. According to Engadget, “For instance, say the quarterback goes back to the bench, the Surface can then be used to see the opposing team’s defensive formation during the most recent drive.”

surfaceinlinenflHowever we should point out that the tablets aren’t owned by any of the NFL teams, but rather the NFL themselves. They will be modified externally and encased in a rugged case and stored inside a temperature controlled cart. This allows the tablet to be used during all sorts of temperatures, as well as protect them from the rain, water, drops, and so on.

The fact that they are owned by the NFL is also meant to discourage cheating as they will be locked up when not in use during the games. Third-party app installations will also not be allowed and they will also connect to a private network created by the NFL to prevent any potential intruders. However the use of the tablets is completely optional as coaches still have the option to go old school if they wish.

Either way with this new development, it will be interesting to see if some teams might be able to take advantage of technology to play better.

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