T-Mobile’s uncarrier announcements started off earlier this year, when the carrier decided to shun conventional two year contracts and also decided to allow its subscribers to jump their upgrade cycles. In New York City this evening, Magenta is scheduled to make its third uncarrier announcements. Nothing has been officially revealed about this announcement as yet, other than the fact that Shakira is going to be there. A Facebook fansite for Shakira has posted a teaser image which reveals details about the announcement, whether or not the details are true, is an entirely different story. Its not like an image such as this is hard to fabricate.

As per the image, apparently T-Mobile subscribers’ data plan will essentially have a “passport,” affording them the luxury to have global data coverage in more than 100 countries. What’s enticing about this is the possibility of subscribers not being required to pay any extra charges for this privilege. The teaser image doesn’t mention if data service is going to be capped, which countries are going to be included and what price the subscribers will have to pay in order to get this data passport. We’re looking forward to the T-Mobile uncarrier announcement tonight, international data coverage being announced with an international star, blends together, does it not? [Image via Droidlife]

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