sony-xperia-z1-review-15In a survey which was conducted on 83 college students, it was discovered that the higher the number of text messages that they sent out before bedtime, the more difficult it was to end up with a good night’s sleep after that. Does it sound like a whole lot of hogwash? Perhaps, or perhaps not. This particular study was written up in the Psychology of Popular Media Culture, and it was done before majority of people tend to go to bed with their handsets right beside them. Hence, it would be no surprise that late night texting sessions tend to end up with responses sent to you by your fellow night owls, which would make it disruptive to your sleep. Imagine yourself about to enter dreamland when the buzz or alert tone plays, jolting you awake. It is common sense as well as probability, really, to arrive at the conclusion of such a study.


According to the authors of the study, they suggested one way that would give you an improved quality of sleep. Before you hit the bed, put your phone on silent (and not vibrate), in addition to flipping the phone screen side down, unless you are willing to have a night light beside you. Alternatively, since doing so would mean you would not be woken up by any means via text or an incoming call, why not go the whole nine yards and just turn off the phone?

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