US Cellular logoYou know what they say – if everyone else is doing it, why not go ahead and give it a go yourself? Surely the majority cannot be wrong, right? That is the case with US Cellular, as this mobile carrier in the US intends to jump aboard the shared data plan bandwagon by offering a slew of options to consumers as well as small businesses, just like how the larger mobile carriers have already done so. US Cellular makes sure that customers will be able to hook up to 10 different devices to a similar pool of data.

In order to help you plan your budget better, plans will begin at $40 a month for 300MB which is pretty paltry when you think about it, but if you know that you need something that is a whole lot more practical, then there is always a monthly fee of $560 a pop for a whopping 75GB of storage space. Those are meant for personal use, as businesses themselves will be on the receiving end of a modified deal, where you can have up to 25 different devices hooked up to 100GB for $750 monthly. All of the plans will include unlimited voice, messaging and of course, tethering thrown into the mix as well. Alternatively, you will be able to rely on a per device charge that might make things more manageable for you.

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