yahoo-mail-revampNearly a week ago, we reported that Yahoo has introduced a revamp of Yahoo Mail to celebrate its 16th birthday. I guess it is not all sweet sixteen as expected, since the major Yahoo Mail redesign resulted in key functions removed or broken. Needless to say, this has led to thousands of upset Yahoo Mail users who have informed the Internet giant that the recent redesign is a massive disaster, and they do want Yahoo to do away with the new and bring back the old. Of course, amidst all of this would be additional reports of serious technical issues that continue to happen.

It has hardly been a week since the Yahoo Mail redesign, and plenty of flak had already been picked up. Many users are upset that they are no longer able to organize their Inbox by Tabs or Sort by Sender, and neither are they able to view their Folders unless they leave the Inbox, which is rather inconvenient. Not only that, new emails are no longer bold, while the delete button’s placement of being next to the sender name has proved nothing short of disastrous. Needless to say, Yahoo had better get their act together and fix things up, fast! Otherwise, they can continue to see their market share slide.

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