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Yahoo Mail Gets A UI Makeover And A New ‘Pro’ Version
Back in the day when the internet was still in its early stages, there were plenty of free email services around, but eventually users quickly settled on a handful, some of which remains popular and in use even until today. One of those services is Yahoo Mail, which unfortunately in recent times has gotten a bad rep no thanks to various security breaches.

Marissa Mayer Looks Forward To Using Gmail Again
Marissa Mayer held the top job at Yahoo for five years. She switched from Google to lead the company after working at Mountain View over more than 13 years. It was a big switch for the executive who would have undoubtedly had to stop using some Google services as she was now in competition with her previous employer. Mayer resigned from Yahoo on Tuesday after Verizon completed its acquisition of […]

How to Block someone in Yahoo Mail
No matter for what you use Yahoo Mail for, be it for work or family communication purposes, you will definitely encounter annoying emails like referral spam, fake advertisement offers, etc… that you may want to block. We will show you how to block someone in yahoo mail permanently. If you want, you can unblock that address/person later as well.

Yahoo Email Forwarding Reactivated
Yahoo has had a tough few weeks following the revelation that it was the victim of a massive cyber attack which left details of more than 500 million users compromised and that it complied with a government order for scanning incoming emails of all users. It was then reported that Yahoo had disabled the email forwarding feature for Yahoo Mail users in what was perceived as an attempt to make […]


Yahoo No Longer Allows You To Forward Emails
After reports of a major hack at Yahoo which compromised details of more than 500 million users and scanning incoming emails of all users for the government, it’s likely that many of its users now want to ditch Yahoo Mail for another service but the company is not going to make that easy for them. In a very odd move, Yahoo has decided to disable email forwarding in Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail For Android Adds Fingerprint Support
As you might have heard, Yahoo has been hit with a massive data breach that supposedly compromised about 200 million user accounts. Now if you were quick enough to change the password to your Yahoo account, you might be pleased to learn that there are some added security measures added to the Yahoo Mail app.

Yahoo Mail For Android Updated
When it comes to Yahoo, the Internet company might be seen by a fair number of people to be a giant that has been on the decline for the longest time already. However, they still have their fair number of users, and this figure is not small for sure. Yahoo Mail has also seen its fair share of updates over the years, even allowing you to manage Gmail from it […]

Major Email Services Experience Huge Data Breach Due To Hack
If you are using one of the major email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail, you might want to consider updating your profile and password because according to a report from Reuters, it seems that these platforms have recently experienced a massive data breach due to a hack.

Yahoo Mail Will Now Let You Manage Your Gmail
In today’s day and age, it is not surprising that many of us have more than one email account. We might have one for personal, one for work, and there are even some who have email accounts that they use just to sign up for services so their work and personal emails don’t get spammed by newsletters and whatnot.That being said if you’re the type that uses multiple services, you […]

Yahoo Mail Dumps Passwords In Latest Revamp
To celebrate Yahoo Mail’s 18th birthday this month the company has rolled out a totally revamped Yahoo Mail app that it says is more fast, beautiful and intuitive than ever before. The new app has been designed from the ground up and it focuses on speed and simplicity, it comes with several new features, while also dumping passwords. It’s the first app from Yahoo that features the company’s password-free sign-in technology […]

Yahoo Email Signatures Can Now Embed Your Last Tweet
Email signatures have been around for a long time, they make it quite easy to add a personal touch to those boring emails that we send back and forth every single day. There’s no limit to the number of customizations that can be made to an email signature, however Yahoo has come up with a great new addition that’s likely to appeal to those who use Twitter a lot.

Yahoo Mail Keeps Tabs On Your Packages
It is always nice to know that you are on your way to receiving a package, or to figure out that someone is sending you something, and you wait with bated breath and anticipation for it. However, in this day and age, we are all seemingly obsessed with knowing where our package is exactly – heck, even the Pebble smartwatch knows where your Domino’s pizza is! Well, Yahoo Mail has […]

Yahoo Mail For iOS Updated With Package Tracking
If you have an Android device and you use Gmail, chances are you might have noticed that when you order something online, its shipping status will appear as part of your Google Cards. Regular Gmail users and subsequently Inbox by extension will also have that package tracking feature.Well the good news for Yahoo users is that Yahoo has recently updated its iPhone app and with the update, the company has […]

Yahoo Mail App Updated With Flight And Event Notifications
Wouldn’t it be awesome if your email was more than just a service that would let you read your mail and send messages? Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was more intuitive and could display timely reminders of upcoming events or flights? Well if you agree, you might be interested in checking out Yahoo’s latest update to their mail app.The company has recently issued an update to their mail app […]