yahoo-lookflowA rolling stone might gather no moss, and companies certainly do not want to remain stuck in a single place without making any progress at all in relation to its competitors. Having said that, one of the ways that companies could improve themselves would be by doing plenty of research and development on their own part, or alternatively, purchase companies that already have the kind of expertise which they are looking for. In this case, Yahoo has acquired LookFlow, an image recognition company, in order to ensure that their plan to improve photo discovery on Flickr will be able to kick off on the right note.

Just what does LookFlow’s technology deliver? Well, it will rely on machine learning in order to assist folks in locating and exploring images. This is a goal that is in alignment with those from Yahoo’s Flickr photo-sharing service, according to the good people at LookFlow. All five engineers at LookFlow will accompany the technology that they built to Yahoo’s Flickr business in San Francisco. Do expect to see LookFlow’s product incorporated into a future version of Flickr. We do hope to see improvements made to Flickr, as any edge is a good one, no matter how slight.

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